DeLaval and the environment

DeLaval and the environment

Caring for the environment is a part of the shared values of DeLaval. Our customers, the dairy farmers, live and work closer to nature than most of us. We know that the agriculture sector has an impact on the environment, but is also heavily affected by climate change.

As a global company DeLaval has a strong commitment to the environment. We have developed goals, activities, organisational and evaluation structures necessary to turn this commitment into action.

We work hard to improve energy efficiency, minimize use of natural resources, reduce waste, limit dangerous chemicals and encourage recycling of our products when they are no longer useful. All of this is taken into consideration when we develop products and solutions – from design and purchasing, through to transportation, filling, consumption and disposal. DeLaval's employees, suppliers and customers are all important partners in achieving this.

DeLaval is ISO 14001 certified.

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