Swinging cow brush

Swinging cow brush

Animal health

DeLaval swinging cow brush SCB starts to rotate on contact at an animal friendly speed. It swings freely in all directions, smoothly up, over and alongside the cow. The bristles have the right length and hardness to stimulate the blood circulation whilst helping the cow to keep clean and calm. It has a patented unique design.

Farm profitability

The study by Cornell University also reported increased milk production of up to 1kg per day for cows in a pen using the swinging cow brush compare to a reference group kept under the same conditions without SCB. Improved general health leads to less treatment and culling costs.

Animal welfare

Animal friendly brush: the cow can scratch in safety without any risk of injury otherwise she would scratch on any sharp surface in the barn. A study by Cornell University in 2009 shows better animal health due to increase in blood circulation and that clinical mastitis was 35% lower in pens of cows in second and higher lactation with a SCB present. Increase udder hygiene and comfort: the cow can scratch wherever she wants to. The cows that can use a cow brush are cleaner with less itching and therefore calmer and more balanced. The brush has a safety function that makes it turn in the opposite direction and turn off in case a cow gets trapped.


The increased productivity means the cow can produce more milk with the same resources used. The loss of milk due to illness is reduced.

Social responsibility

The automated function provides better working conditions as it reduces a heavy part of the work load and it is easy to keep clean. The brush is pre-mounted so it is easy to install. If it is installed in the right space in a loose housing barn, it helps the flow of cow traffic by guiding cows from the feeding area to the resting area. The swinging cow brush is approved by the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts- Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society).

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